Closest to downtown Bangkok The latest IEAT industrial park

New Bangpoo Industrial, comprising a total land area of 649-1-96.4 rai, The Location is Praksa sub-district, Mueang Samut Prakan district, Samut Prakan Province. Strategically positioned within the area’s transportation hub.

Check Point

Certified by Thai Industrial Park Public Corporation

One-stop applications such as factory construction and operation permission can be made and operat with such ease.

Close to City Center

Only 5 km from BTS Prakasa Station. It is approximately 20 km to Bangkok. The Location is very convenient for commuting and logistics.

Rare Industrial land in the Banpu area

This industiral estate land located in the last purple color zoning for industrial and warehouse in Bangpu area.

Non-Tax Privileges

  • Bhakasa Industrial, comprising a total land area of 649-1-96.4 rai, is located in Praksa sub-district, Mueang Samut Prakan district, Samut Prakan Province and is strategically positioned within the area’s transportation hub.Permission to own land in an industrial estate.
  • Permission to bring in foreign technicians and experts to work. Permission for foreign technicians and experts as well as their spouses or dependents to stay in Thailand.
  • Permission to remit foreign currency abroad.
  • Business service by the Total Solution Center (TSC) of the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT).
* Privileges are provided by the IEAT


Telecommunication System Fiber Optic and hi-speed Internet
Water Supply System 6,000 cu.m./day by the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority, Samut Prakan Branch
Electricity Supply 30 MW Electricity Substation by the Metropolitan Electricity Authority, Samut Prakan District.
Natural Gas Natural gas pipeline provided by PTT Natural Gas Distribution Co., Ltd.
Wastewater Treatment System with Activated Sludge system capacity 2,500 cu.m./day
Road System Main Road:25 Meters width Secondary Road : 20, 16 Meters width


Master Plan

TARGET INDUSTRIES ・Agriculture and Agricultural Products Group ・Metal Forming Group ・Light Industry Group ・Metal Products, Machinery and Transport Equipment Group ・Electronics and Electrical Appliances Industry Group ・Chemicals, Paper and Plastics Industry Group ・Utility Service or Supporting Industry Group
Project Area 【Rai】649-1-96 【Hectare】103.9 【Acres】256.79
Industrial and Warehouse Area 【Rai】481-2-99 【Hectare】770,796 【Acres】190.47
Public Utilities and Services Area 【Rai】101-2-28 【Hectare】162,511 【Acres】40.16

Company Info会社概要

  • Company Name
  • GDM (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
  • Address
  • 57, Park Ventures Ecoplex, 12th Fl. Unit 1211, Wireless Road, Lumpini, Patumwan, Bangkok 10330

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